3.3. Petrol engine 1,4 of dm3

TU3 engine cuts

and – a cross-section,
b – longitudinal section

The Peugeot 405 cars with petrol engines with a working volume of 1,4 dm3 intended for the Polish market since 1993 gather in Poland (at automobile plant in Lublin) with a kind of equipment of GL.

The main differences (in comparison with earlier described Peugeot cars) consist in use of the engine (TU family), and also the transmission (MA type) with the design different from earlier described models.

The technical characteristic of the Peugeot 405 GL 1,4 cars is given in this subsection, and also service and repair only of the engine and the transmission in volume of significantly different operations are described. Other knots structurally do not differ. At their service and repair it is necessary to use information which is contained in the main part of the offered Management and also the data provided in subsection 3.3.1.