3.3.11. Dismantling of a head of the block of cylinders

1. To unscrew the ignition distributor, to remove the fuel pump and the coil of ignition.
2. To remove an ignition distributor arm.
3. To unscrew from a head of the block of cylinders of a spark plug.
4. To remove the thermostat and to unscrew the thermostat case.
5. To remove inlet and final collectors.
6. To remove a pulley from the camshaft.
7. To unscrew a bolt of the plate holding the camshaft, to remove it and a sealing ring of the camshaft.
8. To take the camshaft from a head of the block of cylinders.
9. To squeeze in turn each spring of the valve by means of the corresponding adaptation and to take lock crackers, and then to weaken pressing of adaptation and to remove other elements of the valve.
10. To take maslootrazhatelny caps from the directing valves, and then to take all valves. In case of traces of destruction on the ends of cores of valves it is necessary to eliminate them by means of an emery stone.