3.3.4. Adjustment of the carburetor

The ignition distributor with the module of strengthening and the coil of ignition

1 – ignition distributor case,
2 – ignition distributor,
3 – distributor rotor,
4 – casing,
5 – bearing,
6 – fixing ring,
7 – rotor,
8 – generator of impulses,
9 – the stator with ledges,
10 – basis,
11 – vacuum regulator,
12 – strengthening module,
13 – ignition coil,
14 – coil support,
15 – bolt of fastening of the case of the distributor of ignition

Cuts of the Z2 Solex 32/34 carburetor

and – a longitudinal section,
b – cross-section,
1 – fuel jet of idling,
2 – main air jet,
3 – float,
4 – needle valve,
5 – diffuser,
6 – main fuel jet,
7 – tube of transitional system,
8 – a spring of the enriching device,
9 – sprays of the accelerating pump,
10 – accelerating pump,
11 – the valve of the enriching device,
12 – a diaphragm of the enriching device,
13 – a spring of the valve of the enriching device,
15 – an air jet of the enriching device,
16 – a spray of the enriching device,
And – the 1st camera,
In – the 2nd camera

Knots of the Z2 Solex 32/34 carburetor
1 – carburetor cover,
2 – carburetor,
3 – laying of the carburetor,
4 – emulsion tubes,
5 – fuel filter,
6 – needle valve,
7 – float,
8 – bolt of adjustment of opening of a butterfly valve,
9 – the vacuum device of opening of the air gate after start of the engine,
10 – the enriching device,
11 – knot of the lever of draft of an accelerator

Adjustment of level of fuel in the float-operated camera

1. To remove the air filter with pipelines.
2. To unscrew fuel-supply lines from a carburetor cover and to close them traffic jams.
3. To uncover the carburetor.
4. To turn a carburetor cover together with laying to horizontal position.
5. To check installation of a float in this situation by means of the corresponding control template (the template has to be made even to floats).
6. In case of need to adjust installation of a float, bending or unbending a float uvula (1 – a uvula shoulder before adjustment).

Idling adjustment

Check conditions:

  – the engine has to be heated-up up to the temperature of normal work;
  – the starting arrangement has to be switched off;
  – the air filter has to be installed and have the pure filtering element;
  – inlet and final systems have to be tight;
  – all consumers of electric energy have to be switched off (for example, the electric fan, headlights, etc.).

1. To check and, if necessary, to adjust idling turns by means of the basic screw of a butterfly valve.
2. To check contents WITH in exhaust gases and, if necessary, to adjust by means of the screw (1) of quality of mix (the screw is buried in the case of the carburetor and is closed by a special stopper).
3. To check repeatedly turns of idling and to correct in case of need.