3.3.16. Dismantling of the oil pump

Lubrication system elements

1 – cover of the oil pump
with an oil receiver,
2 – perepuskny valve,
3 – pump housing,
4 – driving chain of the pump,
5 – pump asterisk,
6 – oil filter,
7 – oil pressure sensor,
8 – tube and index
oil level

Verification of details is based on check of surfaces of gear wheels and a pump housing on wear tracks (deletings) whether smoothly and without gap the valve piston moves, whether the spring of necessary rigidity lost.

In case of detection of wear tracks of a surface of gear wheels or the case it is necessary to replace the pump.

1. To remove an asterisk.
2. To remove a pump shaft spline.
3. To remove an oil receiver of the oil pump.
4. To take a spring and the piston of the perepuskny valve.
5. During assembly of the pump it is necessary to perform operations in the return sequence in relation to dismantling.
6. Three bolts of fastening of the pump to the block of cylinders to tighten the moment 8 Nanometers.