3.3.2. Check and adjustment of a gap of valves

Characteristics of an advancing of ignition of the TU3.2 K engine

And – the centrifugal regulator,
In – the vacuum regulator

During check at the stand it is necessary to reduce sizes by a half.

During check in the car it is necessary to add value of an initial corner of an advancing of ignition.

Knot of a cover of valves

1 – cover of valves,

2 – sealant of a cover of valves,

3 – sheet casing (oil reflector),

4 – remote plug,

5 – bolt of fastening of a cover,

6 – jellied oil stopper

Arrangement and designation of valves of separate cylinders

The gap of valves should be checked at the cold engine (at a temperature below
30 °C). The gap of valves is checked by the probe between the end of a neck of the valve and an adjusting bolt of the lever of the valve. At correctly established valve gap the plate of the probe has to move between a neck of the valve and a bolt with easy effort.

1. To uncover valves.
2. To remove a sealant of a cover of valves and to take two remote plugs, and also an oil reflector.
3. To turn a bent shaft in the direction of normal work to the provision of full opening of the final valve of this cylinder. To rotate a bent shaft for a bolt of a pulley of a bent shaft or rotating one of forward wheels of the car after rise in front of the car and inclusion of the 4th or 5th transfer.
4. At completely open final valve to check a gap of valves in the appropriate order (see the tab. One of methods of the sequence of check of a gap of valves).
5. In case of need to adjust gaps of valves, having weakened a lock-nut and respectively screwing in or unscrewing an adjusting bolt then to tighten a lock-nut.
6. After adjustment to establish a sheet casing (an oil reflector), two remote plugs, a new sealant of a cover of valves and a cover of valves in a head of the block of cylinders, tightening fastening bolts the moment of 16 Nanometers.

One of methods of the sequence of check of a gap of valves

To bring the final valve of the cylinder No. to full opening
To adjust a gap of the following valves
inlet 3rd cylinder
final 4th cylinder
inlet 4th cylinder
final 2nd cylinder
inlet 2nd cylinder
final 1 cylinder
inlet 1 cylinder
final 3rd cylinder

Gap of valves (engine cold):
  – inlet valve
0,20 mm
  – final valve
0,40 mm
  – admission
± 0,05 mm