3.3.3. Check and adjustment of a corner of an advancing of ignition

System of ignition

the drawing above – the schematic diagram,
the drawing below – the scheme of connections,
1 – accumulator,
2 – ignition coil,
3 – strengthening module,
4 – ignition distributor

Signs for installation of ignition on a flywheel

The corner of an advancing of ignition is checked idling after removal from the distributor of ignition of the vacuum pipeline and closing of the pipeline with a stopper. Signs are visible to check of installation of ignition through an opening in a coupling case (a plate with divisions and a sign on a flywheel). The engine has to be heated-up up to the temperature of normal work.

1. To connect a stroboscopic lamp to a wire of high voltage of the 1st cylinder according to the instruction of the manufacturer of a lamp.
2. To remove the vacuum pipeline from the vacuum regulator of the distributor of ignition and to close the pipeline a stopper.
3. To start the engine and to check idling turns which have to be equal to 750 rpm.
4. To light with a stroboscopic lamp control signs in an opening of a case of coupling and to read the instrument of size of an advancing of ignition.
5. If this value differs from 8 ° (at 750 rpm of the engine), it is necessary to weaken fastening of the distributor of ignition and to turn it so that the sign on a flywheel was combined with division 8 ° on a plate.
6. To tighten the distributor of ignition and to repeatedly check an ignition advancing corner by means of a stroboscopic lamp.