3.3.18. Service and repair of the MA transmission

Section of the MA transmission
1 – middle part of a case of the transmission,
2 – intermediate bearing plate,
3 – forward part of a case of the transmission (coupling case),
4 – coupling switching off forks,
5 – release bearing of coupling,
6 – the directing plug of the release bearing,
7 – main shaft,
8 – forward bearing of a main shaft,
9 – back bearing of a main shaft,
10 – secondary shaft,
11 – forward bearing of a secondary shaft,
12 – gear wheel of the 1st transfer,
13 – the sliding synchronizer plug
transfers 1–2,
14 – gear wheel of the 2nd transfer,
15 – gear wheel of the 3rd transfer,
16 – the sliding synchronizer plug
3–4 transfers,
17 – gear wheel of the 4th transfer,
18 – back bearing of secondary
19 – gear wheel of the 5th transfer
20 – gear wheel of the 5th transfer
21 – the sliding plug of the synchronizer of the 5th transfer,
22 – back cover of a case of the transmission,
23 – driving gear wheel of the main transfer,
24 – semi-axial gear wheel,
25 – satellite,
26 – axis of satellites,
27 – wheel of the worm gear of the drive of a speedometer,
28 – a gear wheel with a power shaft of a speedometer,
29 – conic bearings of a case of differential

Cars with engines with a working volume of 1,4 dm3 of the TU3 type are equipped with the MA transmission. It is the two-gross transmission with five synchronized transfers for advance and one transfer of a backing, all synchronizers are placed on secondary to a shaft. The transmission is installed in the car cross, on continuation of the engine and is combined in one case with the main transfer and differential.