e8879fe5 Installation of a gear belt of the drive of the camshaft

Way of fixing of elements of the drive of the camshaft

Аа – the screw of fixing of the camshaft,

4b, 4s – screws of fixing of a shaft of the fuel pump of high pressure

In the lower part of the drawing – a way of fixing of a flywheel by means of the blocking core (it is specified by an arrow) and the core sizes

Head of the block of cylinders

1 – head of the block of cylinders,
2 – cover of a head of the block of cylinders,
3 – sealant,
4 – laying of a head of the block of cylinders,
5 – bolt of fastening of a head of the block of cylinders,
6 – camshaft bearing cover,
7 – vortex camera,
8 – guides of valves,
9 – nest of the final valve,
10 – nest of the inlet valve,
11 – an element for check of VMT,
12 – camshaft bearing cover nut,
13 – cap with a diameter of 27 mm,
14 – heating system tip,
15 – cap with a diameter of 32 mm,
16 – a tip with a carving,
17 – a plate with a tip of system of heating of fuel

Identification of heads of the block of the cylinders equipped with new nests of valves

And – openings in heads of new type with a diameter of 9 mm (instead of openings with a diameter of 7 mm)

Adjustment of a tension roller of a gear belt

1 – axial screw,

2 – fastening screw,

3 – square 3/8"

1. Check whether engine elements (see rice are correctly located. Way of fixing of elements of the drive of the camshaft).

It is impossible to rotate the camshaft, without having checked whether there are pistons in the middle of the course, and during rotation of a bent shaft it is necessary to watch position of valves.

2. Establish a belt.
3. Release bolts of a tension roller of a belt, and then screw up them when the tension roller pulls a belt.
4. Remove the blocking elements (3 screws and a metal core).
5. Turn a bent shaft of the engine on two turns and again establish the blocking elements.
6. In case of need correct the provision of a belt.
7. Release, and then screw up bolts of a tension roller.
8. By means of a metal core block a flywheel.
9. Establish the lower plastic casing.
10. Establish a belt pulley (before it it is necessary to cover a carving with several drops of special means of "Loctite" protecting from unscrewing).
11. Screw up a bolt the moment of 40 Nanometers, and then tighten on a corner 60 °.
12. Take the metal core blocking an engine flywheel, and establish the lower plate of a case of coupling.
13. Establish an average latch on a forward plastic casing. Fix a forward plastic casing.
14. Establish a plastic basic element.
15. Establish both parties of a casing of the drive of the camshaft, insert three latches and push latches by means of the big screw-driver (it is necessary to remember that before installation it is necessary to insert a rubber basic element).
16. Put on a generator drive belt, pull it and screw up fastening elements.
17. Establish the right support of the engine.
18. Remove the elements supporting the engine.
19. From under the right wing establish the right casing.
20. Install glow plugs, and in THOSE XUD 7 engines – an air branch pipe between the filter and a turbocompressor.
21. Connect a weight wire to the accumulator.