3.2.18. Oil pump

The heat exchanger equipped with the forks preventing its rotation

1 – the forks preventing rotation 2 – a ledge on the block of cylinders,
3 – connector

Comparison of ways of fastening of a returnable oil pipeline of a turbocompressor

and – old type,
b – new type,
1 – turbocompressor,
2 – returnable oil pipeline,
3 – the giving oil pipeline

Access to the oil pump is possible from below the car after removal of the oil pallet. Removal and installation of the oil pump are described in subsection 3.2.16.

Since October, 1990 the heat exchanger is equipped with the special forks preventing its rotation for easier its deduction during the procedure of removal of an oil filter. It caused the necessity of production on the block of cylinders of a special ledge.

In installation time of the heat exchanger the carving has to be cleared (lubricant traces are removed), is covered with means of "Loctite Frenetanch" and tightened by the moment of 60 Nanometers.