3.2.14. Removal of the engine

Engine mount arms

1 – right arm,
2 – the pillow is elastic right,
3 – average arm,
4 – the pillow is elastic left,
5 – lower arm,
6 – clip

1. Merge cooling liquid from the cooling system.
2. Merge oil from the transmission and the engine.
3. Remove a clip of the lower arm of the engine (1 – a bracket of the lower arm).
4. Disconnect a reception exhaust pipe.
5. Disconnect the stabilizer from levers.
6. Take the spherical hinge of the lower lever of a suspension bracket from a rotary fist.
7. Remove the right power shaft.
8. Take the left power shaft from differential (without taking out it from a nave).
9. Remove the accumulator.
10. Remove an accumulator arm together with the fuel filter.
11. Remove the air filter with the case.
12. In XUD 9 engines remove an absorption cap.
13. In THOSE XUD 7 engines remove a radiator of pressurization and disconnect the limiter of horizontal movement from the top right arm of the engine (1 – the limiter).
14. To disconnect an element of connection and a wire.
15. Remove сервонасос the amplifier of steering, without disconnecting it.
16. Remove a radiator.
17. Use the special load-lifting mechanism with two hooks. Place hooks so that during rise the engine was slightly inclined on the party of the transmission.
18. In THOSE XUD 7 engines remove the movement limiter.
19. Unscrew a nut of the top right arm of the engine from an elastic pillow.
20. Support the transmission by means of a jack.
21. Remove a transmission arm.
22. Raise the engine and remove the right arm of the engine (1 – a nut of the right arm).
23. Lower a jack and turn the engine clockwise.

24. Take from above the engine.