e8879fe5 Removal of a gear belt of the drive of the camshaft

Inlet collector

And – the engine without pressurization,
In – the engine with a turbo-supercharging,
1 – collector,
2 – receiver,
3 – fastening brackets to a head of cylinders,
4 – pressurization radiator,
5 – an air branch pipe between a turbocompressor and a radiator,
6 – turbocompressor,
7 – collector inlet,
8 – sealant,
9 – oil supply branch pipe,
10 – oil return branch pipe,
11 – sealant of an inlet collector

System of gas distribution

1 – bent shaft,
2 – asterisk of the chain drive of the oil pump,
3 – pulley,
4 – pulley,
5 – gear belt,
6 – bypass roller,
7 – belt tension device,
8 – camshaft,
9 – pusher,
10 – valve

Partial removal of a gear belt of the camshaft (its top part) is obligatory at removal and installation of a head of the block of cylinders or the camshaft, and also for adjustment of gaps of valves.

Full removal of a gear belt is necessary at removal and installation of an asterisk and chain of the drive of the oil pump, at removal and installation of the pump of cooling liquid, when replacing a sealing ring of a bent shaft from a belt, and also for removal of a plate of a sealing ring. Both types of removal of a belt are described together.

1. Remove a weight wire from the accumulator.
2. Turn a steering wheel to the right and from under the right wing remove the plastic protection cover.
3. In THOSE XUD 7 engines remove the air branch pipe placed between the filter and a turbocompressor.
4. Unscrew glow plugs.
5. Under the engine, from the camshaft drive, place a support or support the engine on the right side by means of a jack.
6. Remove the right support of the engine.
7. Release a tension roller and elements of fastening of the generator. Take off maple a belt.
8. Take the lower latch of casings and remove hooks.
9. Take a camshaft drive casing.
10. Remove a rubber basic element.
11. Establish engine elements in a starting position and place the blocking elements (3 bolts and the blocking core) in a flywheel, in a pulley of the camshaft and in a pulley of the fuel pump of high pressure.
12. Release elements of fastening of a tension roller.
13. By means of a key with a square head take away a tension roller back and put the roller clamps.
14. Remove the lower plate of a case of coupling and insert the device blocking a flywheel.
15. Unscrew a shock-absorbing wheel and remove it together with a plastic casing.
16. Take off a gear belt.


The gear belt cannot be bent. Besides, it should not have contacts with oil, water, cooling liquid and lubricant.