13:26. Hatch

Because of complexity of the mechanism of the drive of the hatch considerable experience and knowledge is necessary to restore, replace or adjust hatch elements. Access to elements of the hatch requires removal of an upholstery of a ceiling that is very difficult operation. Therefore this work needs to be performed at the station.



1. To remove a negative wire from the accumulator.
2. To remove the switch of light and a plafond of a lamp from the ceiling panel for access to screws of fastening of the panel.
3. To remove sun-protection peaks.
4. To unscrew screws and to remove the panel from a ceiling. To disconnect the electric socket from a back part of the panel.
5. To unscrew a bolt of fastening of the tire of grounding.
6. To remove a relay suspension bracket from a ceiling.
7. To unscrew three screws (are specified by shooters) and to remove motor assembly from a ceiling.


Installation is made in the sequence, the return to removal.