13:24. External rear-view mirrors

The set of various types of rear-view mirrors can be established depending on model and date of production of the car.



1. On models with mirrors with electroheating to remove an upholstery of a door and to separate plastic foil from a door for access to electric sockets.
2. To disconnect sockets.
3. By means of the lever to remove a plate of finishing of a mirror from an internal forward corner of a door.
4. To weaken the screw and to remove the regulator button from a finishing plate.
5. To remove consolidation.
6. To remove the condensing ring.
7. To unscrew four screws (are specified by shooters) fastenings of a mirror.
8. To remove outside a mirror.


Installation is made in the sequence, the return to removal.


Many various methods of fastening of glass of a mirror are used.

On some mirrors glass is not subject to replacement and it is necessary to make replacement of a mirror assembled.

On early models glass can be fixed with use of sticky plates, on later types of a mirror glass can be supported by a bracket of fastening of an electrical wiring or a ring of blocking.


1. For removal of glass of the mirror fixed by a blocking ring to incline glass completely up, then to insert the screw-driver of the lower part of glass and to disconnect a blocking ring.
2. For removal of glass of the mirror fixed by a bracket (in the drawing at the left) an electrical wiring, from bottom edge of glass to unclench a fastening bracket.
3. To remove glass of a mirror and to disconnect an electrical wiring.


The mechanism of adjustment of provision of a mirror compound with assembly of a mirror. If it is faulty, the mirror needs to be replaced assembled.