13:18. Trunk lid (Sedan models)

Trunk lid

1 – cover,

2 – slip,

3 – rubber consolidation,

4 – spring,

5 – loop


1. To open a trunk lid.
2. To designate paint the provision of loops concerning a trunk lid.
3. To remove the springs holding a luggage carrier in open situation.
4. To unscrew four elements of fastening of a trunk lid (on two on the party). Two persons have to perform this operation.
5. To uncover its nest.


1. To establish a cover in elements of fastening of loops. Two persons have to perform this operation.
2. To check and by means of loops to adjust gaps between a trunk lid and other elements of a body.
3. To fix loops.
4. To establish the spring holding a luggage carrier in open situation (the arrow specified a level for fastening of a spring of a luggage carrier).
5. To adjust the emphasis (is specified by an arrow) determining height of opening of a luggage carrier.
6. A stream of water to check whether the luggage carrier proceeds. One person with a small lamp has to be in a luggage carrier, the second person has to direct a water stream to a luggage carrier.
7. In case of detection of course of a luggage carrier follows by means of loops and a latch of the lock to lower a cover a little.
8. If consolidation cracked, it is necessary to replace it.
9. To grease consolidation with special lubricant.
10. During the movement to check whether there are no fluctuations of a luggage carrier.