11.2.15. Removal and installation of a nave

1. To lift the relevant party of the car.
2. To remove a wheel, to take the forelock and the fixing element of a nut of a driving half shaft.
3. To record a nave by means of the lever (use of adaptation of 6310 T is recommended) and to weaken a half shaft nut.
4. To unscrew bolts of fastening of a support.
5. To remove a brake disk and a support.
6. To unscrew a half shaft nut.
7. To unscrew bearing case bolts from the inside of the lever.
8. Without taking out a half shaft from the driving bridge (threat of an effluence of oil), to remove a nave from a half shaft.
9. In installation time it is necessary to grease nave bolts with special means of Loctite and to tighten them and nuts of a nave the necessary moments (see subsection 11.2.1).