11.2.11. Removal and installation of the lever of a suspension bracket

Back suspension bracket and back bridge

N – oil level stopper,

V – drain stopper of oil,

1 – arm of the back bridge,

2 – suspension bracket cylinder,

3 – tank,

4 – heat-shielding casing

Installation of an axis of the lever of a back suspension bracket

1 – axis,
2 – lever,
3 – tube,
4 – bearing,
5 – lining,
6 – sealing ring


1. To install the car on the stationary elevator.
2. To remove the left facing of a luggage carrier.
3. To disconnect the socket (red) of power supply of the hydraulic pump (a wire of M326 and 326).
4. To connect free plugs of the socket near the button of installation of a suspension bracket in the top situation.
5. To reduce pressure so that cylinders of a suspension bracket could be moved with a hand.
6. To remove a half shaft.
7. To separate the pipeline of the brake system from connection and from a latch.
8. To remove a latch of the cylinder of a suspension bracket and a flange of the stabilizer.
9. To unscrew a nut of an axis of the lever and to take an axis.
10. To install the lever in vertical position and to take it.


Installation of the lever consists in performance of actions in the return sequence in relation to removal process, at the same time it is necessary to remember greasing of an axis of the lever on all its length. It is necessary to establish new самоконтрящиеся nuts, to remove air from back brakes and from a suspension bracket contour, to fill amount of brake fluid, and also LHM liquid, to necessary levels.