11.2.4. Stabilizer


1. To install the car on supports and to remove wheels.
2. To unscrew bolts of fastening and to remove laying.
3. To weaken stabilizer flange bolts on the lever, to unscrew the right bolt (depending on the decision).
4. To establish on the stabilizer a tip 0908 Q (the shaft improved with M8x125 carving), and on a tip – an inertial stripper (8.0316 A).
5. To take the stabilizer.
6. To clear vents on the stabilizer and in the lever.


1. To check compliance to requirements and purity of elements.
2. It is easy to grease vents with Esso Norva 275 lubricant.
3. To establish on the stabilizer a tip 0908 Q.
4. To establish a stripper on a tip.
5. To install the stabilizer in levers in such position in which it understands freely.
6. To center the stabilizer in fastening flanges (in case of need to use a stripper).
7. To establish basic laying.
8. To screw up a bolt of fastening of basic laying.
9. To tighten flange bolts the corresponding moment.
10. To establish wheels.
11. To install the car on wheels.