11.2.5. Suspension bracket lever


1. To lift a back part of the car and to remove wheels.
2. To remove the shock-absorber from the relevant party.
3. To remove the stabilizer and the torsion.
4. To disconnect the brake pipeline on a fastening bracket with the brake pipeline.
5. On a connector of cables to weaken a cable of the emergency brake and to disconnect a forward cable from back.
6. To take a back cable from passes in holders of a beam of a back suspension bracket.
7. To remove the lever.
8. In case of replacement of the lever by new it is necessary to drill a small opening in a cover of an axis of the lever of a suspension bracket.


1. To check a condition of the lever, bearings, sealing rings and the surface of connection of the lever and a cross-piece.
2. To install the lever on an axis.
3. To connect a cable of the emergency brake.
4. To connect the brake pipeline.
5. To install torsions and the stabilizer.
6. To remove air from the brake system.
7. To establish wheels and to put the car on them.