11.2.8. Naves of back wheels


1. To lift the car and to remove a wheel on the relevant party.
2. To remove the brake drum or a brake disk.
3. In the presence, to remove the ABS sensor.
4. By means of the lever to remove a protective cap of the central part of a nave of a back wheel.
5. Using the hammer and a punch, to unbend the fixing fillet on a nut of fastening of a nave of a back wheel.
6. To unscrew a nut of a nave and to remove an axial ring.
7. By means of a stripper to remove a nave, the internal bearing and a sealing ring from a pin.
8. To remove the internal bearing (the drawing at the left) and a sealing ring (the drawing on the right).
9. To remove a basic cup.
10. The nave is not under repair.

The nut fillet pressed into a pin groove


1. To grease a pin with the means facilitating installation of elements.
2. Using adaptation 8.0530 D, to install a new basic cup for a sealing ring.
3. To place the internal case of a nave on a pin. To press it by means of a nut (new).
4. To establish one, and then two remote laying (0530 E) behind a nut for pushing through of the case on a pin.
5. To place a nave on a pin (the drawing at the left) and to press it by means of the corresponding mandrel (the drawing on the right).
6. When it is possible, to establish an axial ring and to screw a nave nut.
7. To tighten a nut the necessary moment and to record it from unscrewing.
8. To establish a nave cap, the brake drum and a wheel.
9. To lower the car.