11.2.14. Removal and installation of the pump

Installation of collars of electric wires on the pump of high pressure

1 – pump,

2 – electrically the operated valve,

3 – electric wires,

4 – collars

1. To install the car on the stationary elevator.
2. To remove the left facing of a luggage carrier.
3. To disconnect the socket (red) of power supply of the hydraulic pump (a wire of M326 and 326).
4. To connect free plugs of the socket near the button of installation of a suspension bracket in the top situation.
5. To reduce pressure.
6. To merge fuel from the fuel tank.
7. To remove a bulk mouth of the fuel tank.
8. To disconnect a connector of the proofreader of height of installation of a suspension bracket.
9. To install clips on fuel pipelines.
10. To disconnect fuel pipelines.
11. To unscrew a nut of fastening of the pipeline of high pressure.
12. To disconnect electric wires of power supply of the pump.
13. To remove the pump and electrically the operated valve.
14. For installation of the pump of high pressure it is necessary to install thermoshrinkable plugs on connections of electric wires, to fix on the pump of electrical wire and to perform operations in the return sequence in relation to removal process. Also it is necessary to remove air from a contour of a suspension bracket and to fill amount of LHM liquid to necessary level.