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11.2.10. Replacement of a tank

1. To install the car on the stationary elevator.
2. To remove the left facing of a luggage carrier.
3. To disconnect the socket (red) of power supply of the hydraulic pump (a wire of M326 and 326).
4. To connect free plugs of the socket near the button of installation of a suspension bracket in the top situation.
5. To reduce pressure so that cylinders of a suspension bracket could be moved with a hand.
6. To remove a heat-shielding casing.
7. A special key to unscrew a tank.
8. To clear a basic surface of the holder of a tank.
9. To establish the new sealant greased with LHM liquid on the holder of a tank.
10. To screw a tank, strongly tightening it a hand.
11. To establish a heat-shielding casing.
12. To connect correctly sockets (as for normal work).
13. To remove air from a contour and to fill amount of LHM liquid to necessary level.