e8879fe5 стандарт оснащения офтальмологического кабинета, 17 янв.

12:24. Replacement of the sensor of a wheel

1. To install the car on the elevator.
2. To unscrew a bolt of fastening of the sensor.
3. To disconnect the electric socket which is in front on a suspension bracket rack.
4. To disconnect the electric socket which is behind on a luggage carrier sidewall, on the relevant party.
5. To check a condition of a cogwheel and the working surface of the sensor.


New sensors are delivered together with a self-adhesive plate on a working surface. This plate before installation needs to be removed surely.

6. To install the sensor in a nest and to fix by a bolt (this bolt before installation needs to be greased with means of Loctite Frenetanch).
7. To check the size of an air gap between the sensor and a cogwheel which has to make 0,5 mm.
8. To check a sensor signal.
9. On models with the Bendix system with ABS to perform the following operations.
10. To weaken a sensor regulator bolt.
11. To place the probe 0,5 mm thick between a tip of the sensor and a ring of the sensor on driving to a shaft.
12. To press the sensor towards the probe, to tighten a regulator bolt the required moment.
13. To remove the probe.