12:14. Brake pedal


On models with brakes like Bendix with ABS, it is necessary to remove the hydraulic modulator.


1. To remove the vacuum amplifier of brakes.
2. To remove a bracket of fastening and to take a pin with a head and an opening under the forelock, the fixing brake pedal pusher with the vacuum amplifier.
3. To unscrew a nut of a hinged bolt and to remove a brake pedal from the car.


1. To grease with universal lubricant laying and to insert it into an opening of a point of turn of a pedal.
2. To establish a brake pedal into place. At the same time to check that the pusher became on the place.
3. To insert a hinged bolt and to fix by a nut.
4. To combine a pedal with a pusher and to insert a pin with a head and an opening under the forelock and to fix it by brackets.
5. Further installation is made in the sequence, the return to removal.