11.1.6. Lower lever of a forward suspension bracket


All nuts of Nyloc unscrewed at removal need to be replaced with new. The carving of these nuts is covered by structure against unscrewing which is effective only at the first use of a nut.

Two various types of a rotary fist can be applied, depending on model. Earlier rotary fists continuous, and later hollow, can be also identified on existence of an opening from above of knot (see rice. Identification of a rotary fist of late releases). At installation to pay attention to the former place that the moments of tightening differ for two types of rotary fists. The changed lower levers are adapted for connection with later rotary fists, and early lower levers and the last rotary fists are not interchanged.


1. To lift a forward part of the car and to record on supports. To remove the corresponding forward wheel.
2. To unscrew a bolt, the fixing connector of the stabilizer of cross resistance to the lower lever.
3. To unscrew a nut and to take the lower spherical hinge from the lower lever.
4. To record a nut from a provorachivaniye and to unscrew a hinged bolt (are specified by an arrow) fastenings of a forward part of the lower lever. To take a bolt.
5. To unscrew two nuts (A) of fastening of the plug of installation of a back part of the lower lever to the lower frame (B – a bolt of fastening of a back part of a frame).
6. To unscrew, but not completely, bolts of fastening of a back part of a frame and to lower the lower frame approximately by 10 mm.
7. To remove the lower lever.


Position of the lever at installation of the back plug

And – the plug,

In – the field of putting lubricant,

X = 254,0 mm

Combination of tags on the plug and the lever

a – field of putting lubricant,

b, c – combination tags,

d – not used tag

1. To clear the lower lever of dirt and an anticorrosive covering. To check the lever for existence of cracks, distortions of a form or any other defects.
2. To check a hinged bolt for wear and development.
3. To check plugs for wear and damages.
4. Replacement of worn-out plugs needs to be made on the press. When replacing the back plug, it needs to be established so that tags on the plug and the lever (see rice were combined. Position of the lever at installation of the back plug and rice. Combination of tags on the plug and the lever).


Installation of the lever of a suspension bracket on a cross-piece

1 – nut of a forward support,

2 – back support,

3 – nut of fastening of a back support,

4 – cross-piece,

5 – lever

Fastening of the lever to a rotary fist

1 – casing,

2 – nut of the spherical hinge

Installation is made in the sequence of the return to removal taking into account the next moments:
      – to replace all nuts of Nyloc;
      – to tighten all threaded connections the required moment;
      – to check and if necessary to adjust the angles of installation of wheels.