11.1.5. Repair of a forward rack

Compression of a spring device for compression of springs

1. To remove a forward rack from the car and to clear of dirt. Using special adaptation to squeeze a spring so that its top cup unloaded.

When using special device for compression of springs to watch that rounds of a spring were reliably taken also compression of a spring to make from the opposite sides. The spring has very big effort of compression therefore to use only very reliable tool. Not to connect a spring by a wire at all.

The central nut of fastening can be unscrewed only at the compressed spring.

2. To record from a provorachivaniye a shock-absorber rod a key of 7 mm and, using the second cap key, to unscrew the central nut of fastening of a rod of the shock-absorber.
3. To remove a nut, a washer, cup-shaped laying, an installation plate, a rubber pillow and two remote plates.
4. To remove the top nest of a spring.
5. To remove a washer and a rubber protective cover.
6. To remove a shock-proof emphasis.
7. To remove a cylindrical spring.
8. To check all elements of a depreciation rack for wear, damages or deformation. To check smoothness of the course of a rod of the shock-absorber. To check the shock-absorber for tightness, and also its rod on pointed corrosion on all length.
9. To collect a rack in the sequence to the return dismantling, and also being guided by drawings in items 10-19.
10. At installation the lower end of a spring has to settle down in dredging (it is specified by an arrow) spring nests.
11. Establish a shock-proof emphasis.
12. Establish a rubber protective cover.
13. On a protective cover establish washers.
14. Establish the top nest of a spring.
15. Establish lower (the drawing at the left) and top (the drawing on the right) remote plates.
16. Establish a rubber pillow.
17. Establish a basic plate.
18. Establish cup-shaped laying.
19. Establish washers and nuts.