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11.1.10. Lower frame of a forward suspension bracket

The changed lower frame

And – openings with a diameter of 6,0 mm, B – body stiffening ribs

Since November, 1988 new bolts of fastening of a back part of the lower frame are used. From the middle of 1992 installation of a back part of the lower frame changed. Back bolts were increased in a size from M12 to M14. The lower frames with bolts of M14 can be identified on existence of the openings with a diameter of 6,0 mm located behind back installations.


1. To lift a forward part of the car and to record on supports. To remove forward wheels.
2. To remove the lower levers of a suspension bracket.
3. To remove steering transfer.
4. To remove a back support of the engine.
5. Where it is applicable, to release the bracket (is specified by an arrow) fixing a coupling cable to the lower frame.
6. In the presence, to unscrew screws of fastening of mudguards under the engine and wheel arch inserts to the lower frame (the screw of fastening is specified by an arrow).
7. To check that all wires and hoses which fastened to the lower frame are removed from it.
8. To establish a jack with whetstone under the lower frame for deduction it at removal.
9. To unscrew four bolts of fastening of the lower frame, to lower it down and to take from under the car (the bolt of fastening is specified by an arrow).


Further installation is made in the sequence, the return to removal.