7.3. Adjustment of knot of management of coupling

To check adjustment of knot of management of coupling, measuring the coupling pedal course. If the new cable of coupling is established, to press a coupling pedal, at least, 20 times.

1. To press a coupling pedal to a floor and to measure distance from the center of the platform of a pedal of coupling to a floor. To release a pedal, and again to measure distance from a pedal to a floor.
2. To subtract the first measurement from the second therefore the course of a pedal of coupling of equal 145 mm will turn out, otherwise it is necessary to make adjustment.
3. The cable of coupling is regulated by the nut of the regulator located from the transmission. On some models, access to a lock-nut is limited and if it is required, it is necessary to pick up the air supply phone in the engine or the case of the air filter.
4. If the course of a pedal of coupling does not make 145 mm, then it is necessary to release a lock-nut (1) and by means of the regulating nut (2) to establish the corresponding value. After adjustment repeatedly to measure the coupling pedal course. To repeat this procedure until the course of a pedal of coupling reaches the required size.
5. To tighten a lock-nut of a cable of coupling and to establish earlier removed elements.
6. From the middle of 1994 adjustment of the course of a pedal of coupling is made automatically.