7.1. Technical characteristic

Clutch plate

Diameter is external:
  – TU engine
180 mm
  – the XU engine with 8 valves
200 mm
  – the XU engine with 16 valves
215 mm
Type of slips
Ferodo 202

Management of coupling

Bearing release
ball, continuous contact
by means of a cable
Coupling pedal course:
  – models till 1992
145 mm
  – models since 1992
162 ± 12 mm

Coupling of cars with the drive 4 x 4

Cars with the drive on four wheels have coupling of bigger diameter.

Leading part of coupling
215 CP 4850
Diameter of a disk
215 mm
Type of slips
Valeo 202

The cable of coupling is fixed differently, the cover influences directly the coupling switching off lever. The cable fastens to a motionless basic element.

Characteristic sizes of the amount of adjustment of coupling were left without changes.

Leading part of coupling

Brand and type
Valeo 200 CP 450
Clip force
4500 N

Tightening moments

Bolts of fastening of the leading part of coupling
25 Nanometer
Bolts on box perimeter
45 Nanometer
Bolts of fastening of a flywheel to a bent shaft
50 Nanometer