9.7. The drive on back wheels with the power unit 4 x 4

Actions for removal and installation of the driving bridge are not labor-consuming. It is necessary to observe the tightening moments.

Removal and installation of a power shaft

1. To lift the relevant party of the car and to merge oil from the bridge.
2. To remove a wheel, to take the forelock and the protection cover of a nut of a power shaft.
3. By means of the lever to record a nave and to weaken a nut of a power shaft.
4. To unscrew a nut of a power shaft.
5. To unscrew bolts of fastening of the case of the bearing (are specified by shooters) from the inside of the lever.
6. To remove a nave from a power shaft.
7. Installation consists in performance of actions in the return sequence in relation to removal process, and at first it is necessary to replace a sealing ring of a power shaft in a case of the driving bridge. The last operation is filling of oil to the bridge.