8.2.2. Description of the drive

Elements of the automatic transmission

1 – case of the automatic transmission,
2 – the operating servomotor,
3 – filter,
4 – filter cover,
5 – oil pallet,
6 – case of hydrokinetic transfer,
7 – differential bearing case,
8 – hydrokinetic transfer,
9 – the heat exchanger cooling liquid / oil,
10 – index of level of oil,
11 – cable of compulsory inclusion of a low gear ("kick-down"),
12 – switch of lamps of a backing,
13 – drain oil stopper,
14 – drain oil stopper of differential

External components of automatic transmission

1 – hydrotransformer case,
2 – main case,
3 – face cover,
4 – pallet,
5 – a probe pipe for measurement of level of oil,
6 – the probe for measurement of level of oil,
7 – heat exchanger,
8 – cable of compulsory inclusion of a low gear,
9 – сапун,
10 – switch of a starter / lamp of a backing,
11 – selector lever,
12 – eye,
13 – speedometer drive,
14 – left exit of the transmission,
15 – right exit of the transmission,
16 – drain stopper,
17 – hydrotransformer,
18 – bolts of the bearing of the conducted shaft,
19 – regulator of a tape of a brake,
20 – check of pressure,
21 – drain stopper

The drive consists of the following knots: hydrokinetic transfer, transmission, centrifugal regulator.

Hydrokinetic transfer consists of the pump, the turbine and the directing device.

First of all, are a part of the transmission:

 – the planetary transfer allowing to receive four transfers for advance and one transfer of a backing;
 – the hydraulic operating servomotor providing automatic control of gear shifting;
 – the gear oil pump which is constantly put in action by the pump of hydrokinetic transfer, the feeding hydraulic managing director сервонасос and hydrokinetic transfer, and also providing lubricant of planetary transfer; restriction of the maximum pressure provides the overflow valve.

The centrifugal regulator is put in action by an intermediate shaft; directly under the influence of turns of the given wheels centrifugal force influences small weights which change a speed signal to pressure signal through a stream drosselirovaniye: this pressure "is analyzed" in the operating servomotor and defines gear shifting.

Kinematic scheme of the automatic transmission

The transmission contains:

 – planetary transfer;
 – three multidisk couplings (And, In and E), everyone operated by the hydraulic piston;
 – three unidirectional couplings (F, G and N);
 – one tooth gearing at the exit of planetary transfer transferring draft to an intermediate shaft (2) which puts in action differential (3);
 – hydrokinetic transfer (4) on an entrance of the transmission providing connection of the engine with the transmission;
 – main transfer and differential.

The knot of mechanical elements is run by the hydraulic servomotor located in the lower part of the transmission.