8.1.13. Repair of a main shaft

Gear wheels and shaft of the transmission

In black circles numbers of transfers of separate gear wheels are given (AR – the reverse gear).

1 – main shaft,
2 – secondary shaft,
3 – axis of the reverse gear,
4 – gear wheel of the reverse gear,
5 – bearings,
6 – the fixing ring,
7 – basic needle bearing

1. On the press to remove from a main shaft knot the bearing gear wheel 4 transfers, the synchronizer and a gear wheel 3 transfers (to designate position of the sliding coupling concerning a nave).
2. To replace the bearing and on the press, using adaptation 80317 F, the support plate 8013 T-B3 and B4 or a special stripper of Facom U 53 T2 or another similar, to install the bearing on a shaft.
3. To establish a gear wheel 3 transfers, a nave and the sliding coupling 3–4 transfers (it is necessary to observe the designations executed during dismantling), a gear wheel 4 transfers, the plug, and then the bearing. It is necessary to use a press.