5.2.4. Fan of cooling of a radiator

Tension to the fan moves via the ignition lock, the fuse and a thermoswitch which (on the majority of models) is put in a radiator. On models fans of cooling are run with air conditioning by the Bitron sensor.


1. If the fan does not work on reaching the maximum working temperature (before the arrow of the index of temperature enters the red sector or before the lamp of the alarm system of temperature lights up), to switch off ignition, to remove two wires from a thermoswitch and to connect them together.
2. To include ignition. If the fan works now, so the thermoswitch is faulty and is subject to replacement.
3. If the fan does not work, to check battery tension on wires to a thermoswitch. Lack of tension testifies or to malfunction of conducting or burn-out of the fuse.
4. If the thermoswitch and an electrical wiring in good shape, so failed the fan electric motor. The engine can be checked, having given directly (additional wires) on it tension from the accumulator.


1. To remove a radiator.
2. To remove a forward part of a front grille.
3. To unscrew three bolts of fastening of the engine of the fan (are specified by shooters), to remove it forward from a casing and to switch-off the electric socket.


Installation is made in the sequence, the return to removal.