4.1.5. Dismantling of the carburetor

Section of the Z1 Solex 34/34 carburetor

And – the first camera,
In – the second camera,
1 – fuel jet of idling,
2 – air jet,
3 – float,
4 – needle valve,
5 – diffuser,
6 – main fuel jet,
7 – well of transitional system of the second camera,
8 – accelerating pump,
9 – spray of the accelerating pump,
10 – a well of the enriching device

Solex carburetor

1 – carburetor case,
2 – cover,
3 – laying,
4 – needle valve,
5 – float,
6 – control system of butterfly valves,
7 – fuel jet,
8 – an air jet with emulsion tubes,
9 – spray of the accelerating pump,
10 – accelerating pump,
11 – starting arrangement,
12 – fuel jet of idling,
13 – deaerator of the float-operated camera,
14 – thermostatic adaptation of control of the air gate,
15 – screw of adjustment of amount of mix,
16 – screw of adjustment of composition of mix,
17 – screw of adjustment of a priotkryvaniye of the air gate

1. To remove the carburetor from the car.
2. To unscrew from the carburetor the electromagnetic valve with a plunger and a spring and to check its working capacity. For check to connect the negative plug of the accumulator to the valve case, and positive to the valve plug, the plunger has to be completely involved. After disconnection of the valve from the accumulator, the spring has to push out a plunger from the valve.
3. To unscrew 5 screws and to uncover the carburetor.
4. To take an axis of floats, to remove floats and laying.
5. To unscrew the entrance fuel union, to take the fuel filter and to check its state. If necessary to clear the filter.
6. To unscrew 4 screws and to uncover the accelerating pump, a diaphragm and a spring. To check integrity of a diaphragm.
7. To unscrew an idling jet from a cover.
8. To unscrew emulsion tubes.
9. Using the long thin screw-driver, to unscrew the main jets from emulsion wells.
10. To turn the carburetor and to shake out jets.
11. To unscrew the idling adjustment screw, at the same time having counted quantity of turns which will be required to be known at a screw vvinchivaniye into place.
12. To blow channels of the carburetor and float-operated cameras compressed air.
13. To check an element of heating of the carburetor, having measured its resistance which has to be equal 0,25–0,5 Ohms.
14. Assembly of the carburetor is made in the sequence to the return dismantling then it is necessary to execute adjustment of the carburetor.