4.1.10. Inlet collector


1. To remove the carburetor.
2. To disconnect a hose of the vacuum amplifier of brakes from a collector.
3. To disconnect a hose of system of ventilation from a collector.
4. To unscrew a bolt from a butterdish pipe suspension bracket.
5. To unscrew nuts of fastening of a collector, then to separate a collector from a head and to take from a motor compartment. To pay attention that on XU engines the central part of a collector in addition fastens one nut (it is specified by an arrow).


Installation is made in the sequence, the return to removal, taking into account the next moments:
      – to check that the interfaced surfaces of a collector and a head pure and dry. To establish new laying of a collector on a thin layer of sealant;
      – to establish a collector and to tighten fastening nuts the required moment;
      – to install the carburetor;
      – if necessary to add cooling liquid in the cooling system.