e8879fe5 Dismantling and assembly of the Bosch distributor

Bosch distributor

1 – distributor cover,
2 – distributor rotor,
3 – antidust casing,
4 – distributor case,
6 – generator of impulses,
7 – rotor,
8 – centrifugal regulator,
9 – vacuum regulator


1. To remove the distributor.
2. To take out a rotor of the distributor and an antidust casing.
3. To take the top bearing (2 bolts).
4. To take the big ring serving by the holder for bearing bolts.
5. To take the wire socket hub.
6. To remove the spring ring placed on a core.
7. To unscrew bolts of fastening of the vacuum regulator and other elements of fastening.
8. To take the vacuum regulator.
9. Through a special opening to unhook a spring of the centrifugal regulator.
10. To take out a disk.


1. To perform operations in the return sequence in relation to dismantling process.
2. To install the vacuum regulator on a disk ledge.
3. To install the distributor.