e8879fe5 Assembly of knot a rod — a finger piston

Typical order of placement of piston rings

1 – oil scraper ring,

2 – second sealing ring,

3 – top sealing ring

Installation of the piston in a cylinder sleeve by means of a special holder for piston rings

To install the piston on adaptation so that "drop" on its side surface was turned up. The arrow also has to be directed to the piston bottom up. To respectively establish a rod.

The sizes of a mandrel of a sealing ring of a bent shaft from the camshaft



1. To arrange a rod on the heater so that heads of rods heated up, and the bases of rods have to be isolated by means of a heatproof plate or in a different way; on a rod head as the temperature sensor to place a solder piece.
2. To include power supply of the heater, to switch off food when solder begins to melt.
3. It is necessary to perform the following operations quickly:
      – to remove a solder drop from the first rod and to prepare a rod for installation;
      – to wait at least 10 seconds, and then to lift a rod and to take all knot;
      – to take a shaft, and then to perform the same operations for other rods;
      – to establish on each piston of a ring (see rice. Typical order of placement of piston rings);
      – to arrange at an angle 120 ° locks of rings on the piston.
4. Installation of locks of an oil scraper ring has to be following: the lock of each link has to be from each side of a piston finger, on 30–50 mm from both of its parties, the section of a spring has to be precisely on an axis.
5. Installations of a sealing ring (top) and sealing (second) have to be such that their locks were displaced on 120 ° concerning a spring and did not coincide. To establish sealing rings by the inscription "TOP" up.

Not to mix in places sealing rings as the top and second sealing rings have a different profile.

6. To put in couples pistons with sleeves of cylinders. It is necessary to use a special holder for rings. At installation it is necessary to observe adjusting signs. The arrow on the piston has to be directed towards the camshaft drive, and a sign on a cylinder sleeve (in case of installation)
– on the same party, as before removal.
7. To install sleeves of cylinders together with their round sealing rings in the block of cylinders. If sleeves are established repeatedly, then it is necessary to keep their situation concerning the block of cylinders. Pistons have to be installed so that the arrow was directed towards the camshaft drive. At installation of pistons in the cylinder previously to squeeze piston rings a mandrel (see rice. Installation of the piston in a cylinder sleeve by means of a special holder for piston rings).
8. To establish covers of rods with inserts and to tighten them the necessary moment.
9. To establish on cranked to a shaft an asterisk of the oil pump together with a spline and a chain.
10. From the drive of the camshaft to establish the cover of the radical bearing greased with means Loctite.
11. By means of a special mandrel 0.153D to establish a sealing ring (see rice. The sizes of a mandrel of a sealing ring of a bent shaft from the camshaft).
12. To put on a chain the oil pump, to arrange under the pump a support. To fix the pump.
13. To fix the oil pallet together with its laying.
14. To establish a bent shaft in the provision of installation of gas distribution: the spline has to be turned towards the pump of cooling liquid and is established horizontally.
15. To take an adjusting element. Спомощью, for example, drifts for pins to hold it so that he acted over the surface of the block of cylinders, and to establish a head of the block of cylinders.
16. To establish a gear belt and to adjust its tension.