e8879fe5 Air filter


1. To unscrew a collar and to remove an air duct from the carburetor.
2. To unscrew a collar (it is specified by an arrow) and to pick up the air supply phone from a filter casing cover.
3. To disconnect brackets and to uncover a filter casing.
4. To remove the filtering element and a casing of the filter.

Control system of temperature of the air coming to the filter

Intaking plate of hot air on a final collector

Cold air arrives from an air inlet from the forward panel, and hot – from an intaking plate on a final collector. These two streams of air arrive to the thermostat.

The thermostat with a firm filler on an air duct

During the operation of the engine in cold time the thermostat closes intake of cold air and opens receipt hot from a collector.

As the air which is taken away from a final collector becomes warmer, the thermostat is gradually closed from a warm air duct and opens a cold air duct.