2.7.4. Replacement of gearbox oil


On models since 1994 the specified interval for this procedure – 30 000 km.

1. To warm gearbox oil a trip on short distance.
2. To lift a forward part of the car.
3. To take the probe (1) for measurement of level and then to place a suitable container under the transmission. The transmission has two drain stoppers: one on a case, and another on a differential box (traffic jams are specified by shooters). To unscrew both drain stoppers and to merge gearbox oil completely in a container.
4. After discharge of gearbox oil to screw up traffic jams into place and to lower the car on the earth.
5. To fill in gearbox oil through a probe pipe for measurement of level (at the same time from an opening the thin stream of oil has to appear), to carry out a trial trip and to modify oil level.