2.7.3. Check of system of ignition


On models since 1994 the specified interval for this procedure – 30 000 km.

Tension developed by electronic system of ignition is much higher, than at classical systems of ignition.

1. To check a condition of spark plugs.
2. To check a condition of candle tips for existence of corrosion signs in them which represents white solid powder.
3. To wipe high-voltage wires and to check them for existence of burns, cracks and other damages.
4. To uncover the breaker distributor, to wipe and examine carefully inside on existence of cracks, carbonaceous paths, wear or a burn-out, and also to check a condition of the central coal electrode.
5. To remove a rotor from a shaft of the distributor and to examine it.
6. To check installation of a corner of an advancing of ignition.