2.5.4. Replacement of spark plugs

1. On models of engines with 16 valves for access to spark plugs it is necessary to remove previously the casing located on the center of a head of the block of cylinders. For removal of a casing to unscrew eight bolts (are specified by shooters), noting the provision of an electrical wiring and the keeping bracket.
2. On models with a working volume of 1998 cm3 of 16 valves to move apart high-voltage wires from spark plugs.
3. Before removal of traffic jams of high-voltage wires from spark plugs to remove dirt, using a pure brush, the vacuum cleaner or compressed air to prevent hit of dirt in engine cylinders.
4. Check of spark plugs shows a condition of the engine. If the nasal part of the isolation center of a spark plug pure and white, it shows that mix too poor or "hot" spark plugs are used. If the tip and a nasal part of the isolation center are covered with a firm black raid, it shows that mix too rich. If black and oil probably the engine is worn-out. If the nasal part of the isolation center is covered with an easy light brown raid, then mix is optimum, and probably the engine in good shape.
5. To measure interelectrode a candle gap by a probe edge. The interelectrode gap of a spark plug is important as at too big or too small gap the size of a spark of ignition and efficiency will be insufficient for normal operation of the engine.
6. For installation of an interelectrode gap to turn in an external electrode before receiving the required gap. Not to bend at all the central electrode as it can split the insulator.
7. To connect high-voltage wires in strictly certain order.