2.4.6. The pump of the amplifier of steering (XU9J4 with 16 valves)

Square opening of turn of the lever of a tension of a belt on XU9J4 models with 16 valves

and – an opening of turn of the lever of a tension of a belt


1. To merge liquid from a steering hydraulic system.
2. To weaken assembly bolts of the pump and to take off a driving belt.
3. To unscrew pipelines of high and low pressure on the pump.
4. To unscrew bolts and to remove the pump.

Installation and adjustment

1. Installation is made upside-down.
2. Effort of tightening of 55 Nanometers for a new belt and 30 Nanometers for a reusable belt.
3. To fill system with liquid and to check tightness.

Tightness control

1. To visually examine the surfaces of the socket, laying and consolidation for definition of leak of water, oil or fuel.
2. To pay special attention to areas around consolidation of the camshaft, a head of the block of cylinders, an oil filter and the surfaces of the socket of the pallet. Keep in mind that during time some small leak has to be expected from these areas. If leak is found, to replace laying or consolidation.
3. Also to check a condition of all pipes and hoses connected with the engine.