e8879fe5 Models with automatic adjustment of a tension


1. To remove a weight wire from the accumulator.
2. To remove the protection cover from the engine.
3. To establish a square key it in a square opening in the basis of an automatic suspension bracket of the regulator, to turn a suspension bracket counterclockwise to release the tension device of a belt. The suspension bracket clip in this situation makes 4,0 mm.
4. To unscrew assembly bolts and to shoot a video of the mechanism of a tension and to check a condition of pulleys and an auxiliary driving belt.

Installation and adjustment of a tension

1. To establish a new belt on pulleys.
2. To establish a roller of the mechanism of a tension and to tighten assembly bolts.
3. Use of a square key provides compression of the automatic regulator, then slowly allows the mechanism of a tension to pull a belt.
4. To install the protection cover on the engine.
5. To connect a wire of mass of the accumulator.