10:11. Steering draft


At installation to the place of the spherical hinge it is necessary to use a new internal spring washer.


1. To remove a tip of steering draft.
2. To remove collars and to shift a protective cover of steering transfer on steering draft.
3. To unscrew internal spherical hinged connection of steering draft from a gear lath, holding a gear lath from a provorachivaniye, fixing a lock washer of spherical hinged connection in couple of captures.
4. To remove steering draft and a lock washer.
5. To check a condition of steering draft.


1. To establish a new lock washer on the end of a gear lath and to apply the means interfering unscrewing on internal threads of a carving of spherical hinged connection.
2. To screw up spherical hinged connection in a gear lath, holding a lock washer with couple of captures.
3. To establish a protective cover of steering transfer.
4. To establish a tip of steering draft.
5. To adjust installation of forward wheels.