1.6. Mouth of the fuel tank, luggage carrier, cowl


The trunk lid is blocked by a key (1). For opening of a luggage carrier it is necessary to press after its unblocking the button.


For opening of the fuel tank it is necessary to press a forward part of its cover.

For unblocking of a stopper of a tank it is necessary to use a key. During gas station the stopper should be placed in the place which is specially provided for this purpose on an internal surface of a cover (4).


Opening and closing

1. To pull for the lever (2) which is under a steering column. It will lead to a cowl priotkryvaniye.
2. To implant a hand under a forward part of a cowl about a right headlight (3). To pull draft of the protecting hook, lifting a cowl.
3. To take out the prop placed on the right wing from a fixing clip.
4. To insert the end of a prop into dredging on the right side of a cowl (3). It is necessary to remember fixing of a prop in a fixing clip.
5. To release a cowl from height about 30 cm.
6. To check whether the cowl is blocked.

Emergency opening of a cover of the fuel tank

In case of malfunction of system of the central blocking follows:

 – to open a luggage carrier;
 – to get a covering of the right panel;
 – to pull the special handle (5) back.