1.5. Doors

Manual blocking

Forward doors are outside blocked by a key (1) from the ignition lock, and from within – the special button (2) located in the top part of the panel of each door.

Safety of back doors during transportation of children

It is necessary to lower the stopper (3) located under the lock of back doors down. After performance of this operation back doors can be opened only outside – from within them it is impossible to open. Every time it is necessary to check correctness of operation of adaptation.

Central blocking (equipment of some versions)

Simultaneous blocking and unblocking of all four doors, luggage carrier and cover of a mouth of the fuel tank happens as follows (4):

  – outside of the car by means of a key from the lock of doors of the driver or the passenger;
  – from within pressing or otzhatiy buttons of blocking of doors of the driver or passenger.

Remote central blocking

The device of remote control carries out a key role. For blocking or unblocking of all four doors, a luggage carrier and a cover of a mouth of the fuel tank it is necessary to direct the transmitter towards the receiver located about a forward ceiling bulb (5) and to press the button. On the case of the transmitter the control bulb will light up.

If the bulb on the transmitter does not light up, then it testifies to exhaustion of three elements of the battery. The used batteries should be replaced with batteries 1,5 V Varta 13GA, Ucar A 76 or to them similar.