1.22. Replacement of a wheel

The jack and the handle (1) for it are in a compartment about a back wall (in versions with a body like sedan) or in the left back wing, behind a covering (in versions with a body like komba). For extraction of a jack (in versions with a body like komba) it is necessary to move it forward, to lift and involve behind. The spare wheel (3) is in a special basket (2) in the bottom of a back part of the car. From each party of the car there are two strengthened places (4) which serve also as a support for a jack.

Actions when replacing a wheel

1. Install the car, whenever possible, on a flat and firm surface.
2. Tighten the emergency brake and insert wedges under wheels of the opposite side of the car.
3. Include 1 or the reverse gear.
4. Take from a luggage carrier a jack and the handle for it.
5. Unscrew the handle a nut of fastening of a basket of a spare wheel.
6. Take a basket outside and release a hook.
7. Lower a basket.
8. Get a spare wheel.
9. By means of the handle take off a cap of the removed wheel.
10. The handle release screws of fastening of the removed wheel.
11. Place a head of a jack under the place intended for a car raising (located about the removed wheel).
12. Check that the head of a jack is placed under the necessary place, and lift the car a jack.
13. Unscrew four bolts and remove a wheel.
14. Establish a spare wheel and screw in by hand four bolts.
15. Screw up bolts a wrench not against the stop.
16. Lower the car, get a jack and finally tighten bolts.
17. Insert a cap, installing an opening on the nipple in the appropriate place. Strike with a palm for a zashchelkivaniye of hooks.
18. Place the removed wheel in a basket so that its external surface was turned top.
19. Lift a basket as it is possible above and hook on it.
20. In a luggage carrier put the clamp of fastening against the stop.
21. Place a jack and the handle in their nest.
22. Urgently repair the damaged wheel, pump up it up to the necessary pressure and dynamically balance.