1.17. Start of the petrol engine

The ignition switch with blocking of a steering wheel

Two identical keys delivered together with the car (for the switch of ignition, forward doors, a trunk lid, and in some versions – for a ware box) have number. This number should be written down (in case of loss of keys it will facilitate search of their duplicates).

The key can hold the following positions:

 – S (stop) – blocking of a steering wheel, shutdown of power supply. For blocking of a steering wheel it is necessary to get a key and to turn a steering wheel before its blocking (characteristic click). For unblocking of a steering wheel it is necessary to insert a key and to turn it clockwise, at the same time easily turning a steering wheel to the right and to the left;
 – And (devices) – to devices supply voltage is given, ignition is included;
 – M (work) – working situation;
 – D (start) – after start of the engine it is necessary to weaken pressure upon a key.

Actions for start of the engine

Control lamps

1. Make sure that the lever of gear shifting is in neutral situation.
2. Turn a key in the ignition lock in situation M. Control bulbs will at once light up: STOP, the emergency brake, temperature of cooling liquid, oil pressure in the engine and accumulator charging (see rice. Control lamps).
3. If start of the cold engine with the carburetor is made, extend against the stop the handle of control of the air gate (1).
4. Turn a key in situation D for inclusion of a starter and you keep in this situation until the engine is started. In the winter when surrounding temperature falls below 0th °C, it is necessary to press a coupling pedal in operating time of a starter. After the engine will be started, gradually release a coupling pedal.
5. Control bulbs have to go out.
6. Before a start of motion the engine within several minutes has to work idling (it is not necessary to increase sharply speed).


If the engine (cold or warm) was not started for the first time, it is necessary to wait several seconds and to repeat attempt.

Never it is necessary to start the engine indoors – exhaust gases are very toxic.

7. In process of warming up of the engine gradually to an utaplivayta the handle of control of the air gate.