1.1. Description of model

The Peugeot 405 car has a set of versions and represents the rich proposal of the producer. Is model rather original though the set of well-known decisions is borrowed from PSA group cars (Peugeot – Citroën). For satisfaction of the new requirements connected with equipment of the made versions of model 405 engines of average power, Peugeot was forced to realize consistently policy which founder was Jean-Paul Paraire, and the successor – Jacques Calvet. This policy was based on use of constructive decisions of the PSA group and extension of the offer according to demand. According to this concept, versions which have to be equipped with less powerful engines were equipped with the engine 1,4 of cm3 of the TU family and the MA transmission (which is earlier used in the Citroën AX cars) whereas other versions were equipped with engines of the XU family and VE transmissions which some kinds with success are used in the Peugeot 305 cars (series 2), and also the Citroën BX.

Petrol engines are located before a forward axis of the car and inclined on 30 ° back.

In January, 1988 in scale of the Peugeot 405 cars four new versions with a body the Sedan, including versions of GLD and GRD equipped with the 1905 cm3 very successful engine power 51kW (70 h.p.) appeared. This engine was earlier tested in model 305, and also in the Citroën BX. Peugeot 405 equipped with this engine gathers the speed of 165 km/h. Versions of GLD and GRD differ among themselves only with some features of equipment, namely the sizes of tires. The version of GRD, besides, can be equipped with system of steering with the amplifier.
Among the above-stated four models there were also GRD Turbo and SRD Turbo versions which were equipped with the XUD 7TE engine of 1769 cm3 (coming from the above described engine). Thanks to a turbocompressor (Garrett T2 or K14 KKK) with an air radiator this engine develops the power of 66 kW (90 h.p.). Peugeot 405 with such engine can gather the speed of 180 km/h. Transmissions for both types of engines differ with switching of speeds.

In May, 1988 kinds of the Peugeot 405 car with a komba body appeared. It were versions of GLD, GRD, GRD Turbo and SRD Turbo. From the point of view of the applied decisions these versions are similar to the predecessors with a body the Sedan.

In a suspension bracket of the car the checked constructive decisions are used. A forward suspension bracket – like pseudo-McPherson with the powerful lower lever (the error of model 309 GT is not repeated). Elements of a forward suspension bracket are connected to the cross-piece made of steel welded sheets. The cross-piece is an element to which fasten shaped from there were levers (from each party), the bearing of the stabilizer and the mechanism of steering (together with rigid intermediate plates).

Steering transfer of system without hydraulic booster has a driving gear wheel with 6 teeths and is characterized by transfer number 23,9. Steering transfer of system with the hydraulic booster has a driving gear wheel with 8 teeths, and its transfer number makes 17,8.

Several original decisions are applied to simplification of service of the Peugeot 405 car, namely:

 – connection between a pipe of system of production of exhaust gases and the muffler is "two-conical" that considerably facilitates replacement of details;
 – removal and installation of coupling are possible without preliminary removal of the engine;
 – in basic plates of springs of columns of a suspension bracket special openings for the cables holding springs in the compressed state that allows to remove shock-absorbers easily are executed;
 – bearings of back wheels are replaced without adjustment;
 – in brake drums special openings through which it is possible to define easily degree of wear of brake shoes are applied, without removing completely knot.


All versions received the new BE3 transmission coming from BE1 box. This transmission is characterized by the new scheme of gear shifting – the reverse gear is opposite to the fifth transfer.

In the version of SRDT adjustment of a pillow of a chair of the driver was replaced with adjustment of height of all chair. Versions with a body of a komba received a special casing for baggage.

In versions of GRDT, SRD and SRDT remote control of correction of installation of headlights is applied.


All models are equipped with the right rear-view mirror and a new steering wheel.

In the version of GLD the upholstery of doors made of fabric instead of earlier applied upholstery – leatherette is used. Also equipment for installation of the radio equipment is used.

In versions of GRD and GRDT with a body of a komba special casings for baggage appeared.

In the version of SRDT are applied raising of the right glass with block management and electrically the operated right mirror.

The new version of SRD which was characterized by application of mechanical knots from the version of GRD and finishing of the version of SRDT is entered.

In April the new version of STDT which received equipment of the version of SRDT is entered, namely: the anti-blocking system of brakes, disks made of light alloy, remote control of blocking of doors, a leather upholstery, heating of front seats with electric management, nut facing on doors and on the dashboard, and also the back glasses electrically lifted.


In October, 1991 the special series under the name "Style" which is characterized by application of the metallized covering a metallic, the warmed mirrors, tinted glasses, the central blocking of doors and system of steering with the hydraulic booster began to be issued.

In March, 1992 two special series went on sale:

 – the version of GLX which is based on the version of GLD and equipped with a covering from special fabric and "sports" caps of wheels;
 – the version of GRX based on versions of GRD and GRDT and equipped with in addition velors upholstery, the central blocking of doors, "sports" caps of wheels and forward left sitting with adjustment on height.


The Peugeot 405 cars were upgraded. The most essential modifications were:

 – a new trunk lid with the lowered threshold for placement of baggage;
 – new type of salon;
 – the engine with a turbo-supercharging of 1905 cm3 instead of the engine with a turbo-supercharging of 1769 cm3.